Chef Kaylen Brown

Kaylen is a self-taught plant based chef born in Jacksonville, FL but raised in good ol’ country Suffolk, Virginia! She was not raised in a vegan lifestyle, however her mother made sure her family was not a stranger to meatless meals now & then. Kaylen begin to pursue veganism after attending a raw & vegan potluck in 2015 in Virginia Beach that changed her life! Cooking was already a passion of hers and she was always looking for new things to eat and that potluck showed her the food possibilities are endless in veganism. From there, in 2016 she chose to become a beacon for the 757 as far as providing convenient, fresh, and healthy vegan meal plans to the Hampton Roads Area. The purpose of Real Food Meal Prep, LLC has been and always will be convenience and affordability for the everyday busy person who may be vegan or transitioning into a vegan lifestyle! So come on & join our plant based family & let Chef Kaylen and the team change your life as well!