Q : What days will I be receiving my meals?

A : Upon ordering, we do ensure the freshness of all your meals & also provide two different sets of food for variety throughout the week, so we perform 2-day deliveries! Your first delivery will always be either Sunday evening | early Monday morning which will contain Monday & Tuesday’s dishes from the menu. The second delivery will always be either Tuesday evening | early Wednesday morning which will contain Wednesday-Friday’s dishes from the menu. You will be informed in the delivery email that is sent Sunday & Tuesday afternoon : the delivery time frame for your city & instructions about your delivery.


Q : Is there a option to pick up our meals?

A : Not as of right now. We will inform everyone when pickup options become available again.

Q: Do I need to be present to receive my meals?

A : No, you do not need to be home. We’ll drop the box at your door (or whatever you specify in your ‘Delivery Instructions’) No signatures necessary. However, because we do provide ample time to know when your meals will be delivered, Real Food Meal Prep, LLC will not be responsible for any stolen items or spoilage of meals.


Q : Am I able to customize my meal plan?

A : Yes! You are able to customize your own meal plan by selecting as many & whichever individual items you would like, on the Order Page.

Q : If I order individual dishes only, is there a certain amount of dishes that I have to order?

A : Yes, there is a minimum of 6 individual dishes that needs to be ordered, if only ordering individual dishes & not a meal plan.

 Q : Do I have the option to order a dish that is not on the weekly menu?

A : Yes. You may choose one dish outside of the menu & must order at least 3 of that dish. They will be $10.00 each. Order under the Extra Dish Option & add which dish you’d like in the Additional Notes at Checkout.

Q : Do I have the option to choose which days I would like my meals?

A : Unfortunately that option is not available. To keep up the system we already have in place, certain meals are only able to be received for specific days out of the week.


Q : Do I have the option to choose which day I would like my meals delivered to me?

A : No. Deliveries are done twice out the week. The first delivery is Sunday evening or early Monday morning which will contain Monday & Tuesday’s meals. The second & final delivery is Tuesday evening or early Wednesday morning which will contain Wednesday-Friday meals. 


Q : Am I able to place an order whenever I would like?

A : You are able to place an order any day out of the week you would like, but keep in mind; all payments must be made by 11:59 PM each Friday which will book you for the following weeks meal prep. However, any payments made after 11:59 PM, will book you for the next upcoming week. So please do your best to keep up with the final dates & times for payment.


Q : I have an allergy. What do I do?

A : Go to our Contact Page before placing your order & let us know what your allergen is. We will respond in between 1-2 hours to inform you if we are able to accommodate you. If the dish will be completely altered by taking out the allergen ingredient, we will let you know we are unable to change the dish.


Q : Are your ingredients organic?

A : Some, but not all, of the ingredients we use are organic. While all of our ingredients may not be organic, we do concentrate on what produce looks & tastes best.


Q : Do you provide the nutritional information for the meals?

A : Yes we do! You are able to view the nutritional information of each dish on the Menu Page.


Q : Can I recycle the containers & packaging?

A : Yes! Our company is big on recycling so if you happen to have containers that you'd like to return, have them ready at either delivery. Thanks in advance!